Electronic governor device


PURPOSE:To abate the extent of play in a link by installing one end of the link connecting a rack to a rack position sensor while locking it to the rack, in a device which sets up an electrical rack actuator and the sensor in parallel. CONSTITUTION:In an in-line fuel injection pump 10, a linear solenoid 16, a differential transformer 17, a speed sensor or the like are housed in a governor case 15 of an electronic governor 14 butted to one end of a pump case 11. A rack 12 is pressed to the right (fuel increment direction) by the linear solenoid 16, then a position of this rack 12 is detected with the differential transformer 17. In this case, the upper end of a link 40 is clamped to the rack 12 with a bolt 41. A spherical projection 43 is formed in a lower end of this link 40, and the lower end of the link 40 is connected to a core 45 of the differential transformer 17 so as to hold this spherical projection 43 between two disks 44. Then, a coil spring 46 is interposed between the disk 44 at the right and the pump case 11, thereby absorbing play between them.




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