Compound lens type photodetector/light emitting element


PURPOSE:To obtain a desired light distribution irrespective of the profile of an element by forming a space in a resin mold in a convex lenslike, concave lenslike or flat lenslike state. CONSTITUTION:In case of resin molding, a convex lenslike space 7a is formed in the resin mold as a compound lens. This space is provided in the optical path of a light irradiated from a chip 3, and the radiated light is controlled as predetermined by the space 7a as designated by symbol a. The shape of the space is formed in a concave lenslike space 7b, the radiated light is controlled by the space, or meniscus lenslike space 7c is further formed, and the molded end may be formed flatly. In any case, the lenslike space of predetermined shape is formed in the optical path of the radiated light from the chip 3 in the molded resin 6 as a compound lens without change, and the radiated light from the element can be arbitrarily controlled by utilizing the refraction of the light of the space.




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