Image forming device


PURPOSE:To shorten the down-time of the device by installing a sheet transport control means which discharges a sheet outside an image forming device in a short time independently of an ordinary transport passage in a prescribed state. CONSTITUTION:If a sheet exists in the transport passage of an image forming device when a power source is turned-ON after said power source is cut off without discharging the sheet in the preceding use of the device, a sheet transport controlling means 26 judges the route through which the sheet can be discharged most speedily outside the device from the present position, and the sheet is transported through the detected transport passage. Further, when a recording trouble is generated during the ordinary image recording and the recording of the image onto the sheet is made ineffective, the sheet transport controlling means 26 ignores the transport passage of the sheet in the present mode of the image forming device and selects the transport passage through which the sheet is discharged outside the device most speedily, and introduces the sheet to the transport passage.




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