Lighting appliance lens for vehicle and its manufacture


PURPOSE: To provide a lamp lens with an excellent appearance design by applying transfer printing to intermediate positions of two or more lens parts with different color thickness, in a vehicle lamp lens, and continuously changing the color thickness from a thick color to a thin color. CONSTITUTION: Transfer paper 2 has a part 2a which is continuously connected to a part 2a' with a thick color and in which the color is fading down corresponding to the shape of a lamp lens 1 and each functional part. Adhesion of a top coat 2c and an ink layer 2a to a paste board is dissolved by dipping the transfer paper 2 in water. The surface of the lamp lens is cleaned and heated. The transfer paper 2 is pasted on the designated part of the surface by positioning it, the ink layer 2a is adhered to the surface of a lens 1 by pulling out the paste board 2b, and water content is removed by wiping and squeezing. After drying, the top coat 2c is peeled off, paste is removed, and ink curing treatment is applied at 60 deg.C for 1 hour to complete the process. Thereby, a lamp lens excellent in an appearance design can be obtained.




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