Television character broadcasting receiver


PURPOSE:To make unnecessary a troublesome operation by reading each code to hold a record at an auxiliary memory position at the time of inputting a power supply and selecting a receiving mode before a last selection program. CONSTITUTION:The program code of the last selection program, and a designating page code (at the time of a designated page receiving mode), or a dummy code (at the time of a whole pages receiving mode) are store into auxiliary memory positions P14 and P15 of a memory, and by reading each code of the auxiliary memory position at the time of inputting the power supply, the receiving mode before the last selection program is selected. Thus, when a person frequency watches only the specific page of a specific character program, the troublesome operation is made unnecessary, and since a nonvolatile memory is used, a back-up by means of a secondary battery is eliminated, and the titled receiver can be obtained at low costs.




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