Noise reducer


PURPOSE:To control the suppression of a noise according to image contents and a reception condition by specifying the suppression degree parameter of an noise reducer according to a movement detecting signal and an intensity-of- signal detecting signal. CONSTITUTION:For example, the video signal whose moving picture has a fast movement and whose signal level is small is given, a movement detecting signal M2 to indicate that the movement is fast is given from a movement detecting circuit 7 through a serial bus 21 to a system controller 20, and simulta neously, a intensity detecting signal M3 to indicate that the signal level is large is given from a signal intensity detecting circuit 22. At such a time, the control ler 20 specifies the upper limit of a coefficient K to a (b) corresponding to the signal M2, next, reads the value of the coefficient K corresponding to the signal M3 from a coefficient memory 23 and gives it to a noise reducer 4. Thus, the reducer 4 suppresses the noise based on the coefficient K. In such a way, the noise can be suppressed according to the image contents and the reception condition, and a picture quality can be improved.




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