Method for improving polymer fiber characteristic and prepared fiber


PURPOSE: To modify a fiber from a polymer such as polyester or acrylic to the one having excellent and durable moisture-absorption and dyability by immersing it in a hot acidic solution containing an unsaturated monomer, adding an initiator for initiating polymerization and letting the reaction continue. CONSTITUTION: This method for improving the fiber characteristic of a polymer fiber is provided by immersing a polymer fiber selected from a polyester and an acrylic polymer into a hot solution without containing a polymerization initiator and containing an unsaturated monomer, e.g. N,N'-methyl bis- acrylamide, etc., in an acid side at 60-100 deg.C, bringing the fiber surface in contact with the solution sufficiently, then adding a polymerization initiator, continuing the polymerization of the monomer on the fiber to change the fiber surface for improving the fiber to have excellent moisture absorbing property and dyeing property.




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