Power supply application system


PURPOSE: To automatically apply power supply from an opposed equipment by superimposing a DC to a phantom circuit at the time of communicating and using a line terminator to apply power through the detection of DC. CONSTITUTION: A terminal station CO is installed in a telephone station and its power is always energized by a battery of the station, and a line terminator DSU is installed in a user's house and a commercial AC power supply is rectified and transformed by a power circuit PU for the power supply. A signal is sent from the terminal station CO to the line terminator DSU via an outgoing communication line at the time of communicating and DC superimposition is applied to the phantom circuit by a current source in the terminal station CO at the same time. Even if a switch SW in the line terminator DSU is opened, a relay rl detects the DC signal on the phantom line, the relay rl is automatically made to apply power. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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