Combined end mill


PURPOSE:To prolong service life, reduce interchanging frequency and form a cutting finish surface into precision as well as to aim at the omission of a surface finishing process after treatment, by selecting carbon titanium nitride- based cermet as a material for a cutting edge of a combined end mill. CONSTITUTION:This end mill is made up of brazing a TiCN-based cermet cutting edge 2 to a steel schank 1. And, TiCN-based cermet contains WC: 5-30% in wt%, TaC: 5-20%, Mo2 C: 5-20%, Ni: 1-20% and Co: 1-20%, and it is optimum that the rest is composed of such one having composition consisting of TiCN and inevitable impurities. With this constitution, service life is long, and cutting finish surface comes to precision enough so that changing frequency becomes lessened, and a technologically excellent effect that a surface finishing process as aftertreatment is omissible or the like is securable, in addition to the above-mentioned.




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