Sputtering target


PURPOSE:To prevent the short-circuiting to an anode by the deposition of a target material and the generation of an abnormal electric discharge and the consequent deterioration of the reliability of a thin film by roughening the surface, which faces the anode, of the sputtering target of a sputtering device. CONSTITUTION:A high melting metal such as Mo is used as the target 20 on a semiconductor substrate 6 and a thin Mo film is formed by sputtering in a stage for producing ICs. The anode 5 is disposed around the Mo target 20 at a small spacing W therefrom and is grounded to form a dark space 10 between both. The surface 21 of the target 4 facing the anode 5 in the dark space 10 is preliminarily roughened. The thin Mo film to be deposited on the side face 21 of such target sticks securely thereto as the side face 21 of the target is roughened. The exfoliation of said film and the contact and short-circuiting thereof with and to the anode 5 are obviated. The instability of plasma 7 by the short-circuiting to generate the abnormal discharge and the consequent deterioration of the reliability of the thin Mo film 9 on the semiconductor substrate 6 are, therefore, prevented.




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