Resin bonded elastic polishing wheel


PURPOSE: To improve polishing efficiency, to reduce clogging and grinding burn, and to eliminate the need for feeding abrasive grains by moldingly hardening abrasive grains made of metallic oxide with a bonding material of epoxy resin, in an optical fiber plug polishing wheel. CONSTITUTION: The captioned polishing wheel is formed by moldingly hardening the abrasive grains of metallic oxide with a bonding material of epoxy resin, while enabling both hardening methods of normal temp. hardening and thermal hardening. This hardened object has a higher bonding force of abrasive grains, a higher visco-elasticity, and a lower friction resistance against metal, glass, etc. even a condition of face to face contact, as compared with the conventional elastic wheel, due to the existence of the epoxy resin. As for the molding method, the binder of epoxy resin into which metallic oxide is appropriately mixed is injected into a mold, so as to be hardening with the metallic oxide being uniformly dispersed, with a porosity being kept low, and without need for applying pressure under a vacuum control condition. In this case, if a Teflon mold is used, even an integrally formed object with a complicated form can be easily molded. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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