Automatic feed device for rodform article


PURPOSE: To improve efficiency, by a method wherein, in on automatic feed device for a rodform candy to a conveyance device, articles are continuously fed from a containing box through vibration of a trough having a corrugated bottom, and the articles are aligned one by one by means of a suspension plate rotatably situated to a delivery part. CONSTITUTION: With a feeder part 2 vibrated, a trough part 4 is vibrated in a longitudinal direction, a box part 7 is also vibrated, and rodform candies 8 in the box part 7 are fed to the trough part 4. The rodform candies on the trough part 4 are fed forward in a state to be aligned by means of a corrugated bottom 4a, and are dropped on a receiving plate 9a of a delivery part 9. Thereafter, the rodform candies 8 are raked up by means of a caterpillar 10b of an endless chain 10a moved obliquely upward, and are conveyed in the direction of an arrow mark A. In this case, the surplus rodform candies 8 are raked down by means of a suspension plate 9c and are aligned one by one. This constitution prevents breakage of the rodform candy and enables improvement of efficiency. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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