PURPOSE: To operate a parallel feedback type amplifier by a single power supply by inserting a bias circuit causing a prescribed voltage drop between a source of an input stage FET whose gate is biased by a feedback resistor and a power supply. CONSTITUTION: A signal inputted from a terminal Vin is amplified by an inverse amplifier comprising an input stage FETQ1 and a load resistor RL and outputted from a source follower FETQ2 and an output stage source follower FETQ4 receiving current supply by a current supply circuit 3. In this case, the signal is fed back negatively to a gate of the input stage FETQ1 via level shift diodes D1∼Dn and a feedback resistor RF and the input stage FETQ1 is biased. Since the source voltage of a 1st stage FET is biased by the diodes, the parallel feedback type amplifier is operated by a single power supply. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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