Driving license card system


PURPOSE: To aim at prevention against a traffic offense, by installing a driving license card controller in a car room, setting a driver's license card to this controller, and making a vehicle travelable at a time when making sure of a fact that information in the said card is not accorded with the specified driving unallowed conditions. CONSTITUTION: When a vehicle is driven, a key 13 is set to an accessory position ACC, and a driving license card 16 is inserted into a card inserting part 17 of a driving license car controller 21. If so, the license number, driving unallowed conditions, etc., read out of a memory 14 and the license number and other data of information read out of the driving license card 16 are compared with one another at a control circuit 15. With this comparison, when coincidence of the license number is impossible as well as when it is so judged that there are driving unallowed conditions as the offense mark total information read out of the driving license card 16 is reached to marks of more than the stipulations, etc., a starting unallowed signal is outputted. With this constitution, a switch 20 being installed a power line is turned off, thus a vehicle is made unstartable. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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