Time synchronizing device


PURPOSE: To ensure the highly accurate coincidence of time among timers incorporated to plural information processors, by transmitting the time information clock signals having a time unit smaller than a second to those information processors in addition to the time information having a time unit larger than a second. CONSTITUTION: A basic frequency signal is divided into a clock pulse 15 and a synchronizing signal 16 by a dividing circuit 3 and sent to the information processors 9 and 10. These processors 9 and 10 fetch the time information 13 supplied from a time synchronizing device 1 into each of their built-in timers to clear the counter of a time counting circuit 5. At the same time, the counters of the timers set into both processors 9 and 10 are counted up for counting the time points smaller than a second by the clock pulses 11 having the cycles smaller than a second and supplied from the device 1. Thus it is possible to secure the synchronization of time points between both processors 9 and 10 down to a time unit smaller than a second. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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