Rotary compressor


PURPOSE: To reduce noise by forming two top clearance volumes which contain an outlet port and wherein part of compressed gas is not discharged and remains, to create pulsation which cancels high-frequency component produced inside a cylinder chamber. CONSTITUTION: In a rotary compressor a rotor 31 is displaced from the axis thereof and turned by a motor 11 so that refrigerant gas sucked into a cylinder chamber 20 via an intake duct 8 is compressed and discharged from an outlet port. To ensure the passage area between an outlet port and the cylinder chamber 20, notches 33a are cut on a cylinder 30 and said notches and the outlet port constitute a top clearance volume wherein no compression gas in said compressor part is discharged. In this case, notches 33b which constitute another top clearance volume are cut on the lower part of the cylinder 30 in the positions displaced from the notches 33a in the circumferential direction of said cylinder 30, whereby canceling the high-frequency component of pulsation created by compressed fluid. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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