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JP-S63165019-A: Back gage for bending machine patent, JP-S63174572-A: Inverter patent, JP-S63179190-A: Rotary compressor patent, JP-S63183647-A: Recording and reproducing device patent, JP-S63185786-A: Operating device in cage of elevator patent, JP-S63190322-A: Electric double-layer capacitor patent, JP-S63191726-A: Method and device for extracting thin cylindrical body covered on mandrel patent, JP-S63192115-A: Time synchronizing device patent, JP-S63195048-A: Driving license card system patent, JP-S6320402-A: Production of high-accuracy sintered parts patent, JP-S63208701-A: Method and device for reading stamped mark on metallic plate patent, JP-S63209014-A: Joined magnetic head patent, JP-S63223187-A: Method for preventing embrittlement of titanium material equipment and improving corrosion resistance patent, JP-S63226146-A: Communication method between indoor machine and outdoor machine of air conditioner patent, JP-S63227835-A: Apparatus for driving actuator in loom patent, JP-S63229076-A: Trainer for bicycle patent, JP-S63239045-A: Artificial marble patent, JP-S63251286-A: Thermal recording sheet patent, JP-S63253556-A: Information recording method for magneto-optical medium patent, JP-S63254225-A: Ceramic bearing patent, JP-S63255059-A: Tap for drainage bag patent, JP-S63263426-A: Sensor element patent, JP-S63263905-A: Preamplifier patent, JP-S63264005-A: Method and apparatus for feeding continuous slide fastener chain with fly patent, JP-S63264059-A: Suction apparatus patent, JP-S63265376-A: Pattern sorting means used for pattern recognition system patent, JP-S63272714-A: Automatic feed device for rodform article patent, JP-S63275604-A: Manufacture of olefin polymer patent, JP-S63277612-A: Composition for oral cavity patent, JP-S6328568-A: Resin bonded elastic polishing wheel patent, JP-S63291137-A: Supervising timer for program run-away patent, JP-S63292792-A: White balance device patent, JP-S63294804-A: Slide fastener having extensibility patent, JP-S63298116-A: Position measuring method of moving body patent, JP-S63298913-A: Silicone moisture-blocking material for cable and its application patent, JP-S63304431-A: Servo circuit patent, JP-S63304673-A: Photovoltaic device patent, JP-S63305054-A: On-vehicle recorder of lighting time of lamp patent, JP-S63315519-A: Method for recovering waste liquor from acid cleaning of steel patent, JP-S6334897-A: Method of lighting xenon lamp patent, JP-S6341519-A: Heat-resistant resin impregnant composition patent, JP-S63467-A: Sputtering target patent, JP-S6346964-A: Man car for tilt tunnel patent, JP-S634969-A: Driving controlling circuit for thermal head patent, JP-S6349784-A: Musical score display device patent, JP-S6357113-A: Combined end mill patent, JP-S6374249-A: Power supply application system patent, JP-S6377606-A: Rotary shear for cutting rolling material patent, JP-S637868-A: Apparatus for laminating plate patent, JP-S6389332-A: Improving molding method of fiber-reinforced resin material patent, JP-S639696-A: Variable capacity type vane rotary compressor patent, JP-S6411315-A: Semiconductor film growth method patent, JP-S6415259-A: Reduced pressure casting apparatus patent, JP-S6422959-A: Polycarbonate composition patent, JP-S643020-A: Titania sol and production thereof patent, JP-S6435695-A: Fire detector patent, JP-S6437566-A: Sliding device for electrophotographic copying machine patent, JP-S6445872-A: Method for improving polymer fiber characteristic and prepared fiber patent, JP-S6449481-A: Noise reducer patent, JP-S6456220-A: Suspension control device patent, JP-S6457355-A: On-line collation processing system for data base retrieving system patent, JP-S6464969-A: Paper discharger patent, JP-S6477223-A: Frequency dividing circuit patent, JP-S6478087-A: Television character broadcasting receiver patent, JP-S6481101-A: Lighting appliance lens for vehicle and its manufacture patent, JP-S6481737-A: Image forming device patent, JP-S6482681-A: Compound lens type photodetector/light emitting element patent, JP-S6483848-A: Electronic governor device patent, JP-S6485043-A: Preparation of stable coffee beverage containing milk component patent, KR-20100024990-A: 멀티미디어 브로드캐스트/멀티캐스트 서비스를 갖는 셀 재선택 및 핸드오버 patent, KR-20100030563-A: Honing method and honing machine patent, KR-20110014096-A: 정보 처리 장치, 정보 처리 방법, 정보 처리 시스템 및 프로그램 patent, KR-20110034950-A: 물의 온도 검출에 따른 압축기 구동시스템 및 구동방법 patent, KR-20110048952-A: Artificial leather and method for manufacturing the same patent, KR-20110106887-A: Passive security enforcement patent, KR-20110111075-A: 패키지 구조 및 그의 제조 방법 patent, KR-20110114589-A: 효율적인 향상 멀티캐스트 방송 시스템(e-mbs) map 디코딩을 위한 시스템 및 방법 patent, KR-20110125617-A: Electrical cable gland with captive cone patent, KR-20110133194-A: 잇몸질환 예방에 효과적인 폴리감마글루탐산 함유 구강용 조성물 patent, KR-20140069025-A: Device for treating a plate-shaped element, treatment unit, and machine for manufacturing packaging patent, KR-20140086069-A: Method for controlling limp mode of torque sensor and electric power steer apparatus using the same patent, KR-20150056475-A: 탱크 환기용 밸브 patent, KR-20150083422-A: 상이한 문턱 전압들을 갖는 finfet들을 제조하기 위한 방법 및 시스템 patent, KR-20150094677-A: 우주 구조물의 분리 기구 patent, KR-20150136780-A: Method for detecting dangerous condition of vehicle tires patent, KR-20150144367-A: 내화벽돌 제조방법 patent, KR-20160003009-A: 분산된 리질리언트 네트워크 상호 접속〔drni〕 상태를 갱신하기 위한 방법 및 시스템 patent, KR-20160020008-A: Apparatus and method for facilitating sentence based treatment for individuals with neurogenic communication disorders patent, KR-20160037371-A: substrate having multiple nano-gap and fabricating method for the same patent, KR-20160062938-A: Vacuum door locking and sealing device patent, KR-20160068454-A: 회로기판, 패키지 기판 및 전자기기 patent, KR-20160075784-A: 선박에 있어서의 엔진의 배기 가스 정화 시스템 patent, KR-20160078540-A: 잉크젯 프린팅용 도료 조성물 patent, KR-20160088544-A: 석탄폐석을 이용한 ar-글라스 섬유 제조방법 및 이를 통해 제조된 ar-글라스 섬유 patent, KR-20160090910-A: 원격통신 네트워크에서 pdcch 검출 에러들을 제거하기 위한 시스템 및 방법 patent, KR-20160093954-A: Sensing circuit of a magnetroresistive random access memory and sensing method in the same patent, KR-20160101866-A: Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same patent, KR-20160112390-A: 무점착성 송장라벨과 이의 제조 방법. patent, KR-20160121345-A: Heating windshield glass for car with transparent electroconductive matreial patent, KR-20160129136-A: Method for measuring degree of graft of polymer resin patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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